Greater Philly Church is a place of imperfect people who have a passion about connecting to God, desire to see people find fulfillment in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and a connection to each other. I hope that you will find a church that is refreshing and full of excitement. We have groups available for children to adults. I am so excited to be pastoring in Delaware County, a place where hope stirs in the hearts of people. Every one has a longing to belong. That longing can be fulfilled in a connection to Jesus Christ. I look forward to meeting you this Sunday! Please be our guest.
~Pastor Matt Manney

Church History
Our church began with some very humble beginnings. Pastor Manney, his wife Amanda and their four children Malachi, Madison, Maggie, and Macey have called Delaware County their home since July 2011. Pastor Manney had a contact with a local business man and planned to start the church out of a local day care. With some 45,000 flyers mailed out and placed on doors, two weeks before the starting service, Pastor received a phone call that the zoning did not allow for a church. In a matter of days a plan had to be developed to move the services to a new location. Greater Philly was able to find its new location at Trinity United Presbyterian (from September 2011-August 2015). September 18, the first service was an Open House to get to introduce visitors to the ministry of Greater Philly Church and announce a new location. The following Sunday was the first official service and Greater Philadelphia Baptist Church as it was called in the early days was started. The church collectively chartered one year later with about 25 founding members.

Since that time, Greater Philadelphia Baptist Church shorted its name to Greater Philly Church and has seen many people find hope in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, lives changed, marriages restored, and children taught the Bible. Our goal has been to cultivate a connection to God and others through conversation. In 2016, the church began Discussion Groups after the message to get feedback, input and dialog going about what had just been preached. To accomplish this, the church took out some chairs, added, coffee tables, and three questions to the handout for people to go over after the message. Connection through Conversation has been the Mission of Greater Philly since that time. Seeing people connect to God and others by talking about what they have learn and how those truths impact their life has been the fulfillment of that mission at Greater Philly.

Greater Philly is an Independent Baptist church with a desire to create a “multi-site” strategic twenty-five year plan. Greater Philly will be one church meeting in multiple locations. As people connect in Groups throughout the week that mirror their life-stage or interest, they can worship on the weekend in a larger Group setting while still connecting in the Discussion Groups after the message. If you’d like to get a feel for what Great Philly is like check out our FaceBook page and watch our service live on Sundays at 11 AM. Or if you’d like to get the full experience, show up on Sundays at 10:30. Listen to an Inspiring message that will help you connect to God and others. Discuss what you’ve learned and share your thoughts over coffee and donuts after the message. Thank you for checking out the website!