Join the Conversation

Longing to belong is a powerful driving force in life…Wanting to know other people and be known. Maybe even to know God better and be understood by God. Is that even Possible? How? Let Greater Philly be your guide by helping you Connect through Conversation. All you have to do is talk and we listen… It’s called Discussion Groups.

Discussion Groups at Greater Philly. What are they?
1. Show up at a Greater Philly Sunday 10:30 AM.
2. Listen to a Life Topic Talk relevant to the Bible.
3. Discuss the Message in a group with your friends…3 questions, 15 minutes…coffee and donuts on the house…right there in your seat. You are on your way by 12 PM.

Caffeinated, Competent, and Connected. How can a church do this? One answer… You’re sitting in a row with your friends…wait for it, wait for it… at a … Coffee Table. *MIND BLOWN!!* We believe in connection through conversation at Greater Philly so much that we’ve changed our auditorium to accommodate comfortable conversation with coffee tables, yet still connecting like a church.

Interested? Show up at Greater Philly this Sunday at 10:30 AM Helping you Connect through Conversation!