1. Engage the community – We will let the community know Greater Philadelphia Baptist is an independent baptist church with the goal of preaching the gospel and glorifying God

2. Evangelize the lost – This will be accomplished by door knocking, mailers, outreach events, preaching points/chapels throughout the suburbs of Philadelphia.

3. Embrace the attenders – Our desire is to encourage visitors and regular attenders to know they have a place to call home, a place that while they may not be committed to it, the church is committed to pursuing them.

4. Encourage the members – Greater Philadelphia Baptist exists to provide a healthy and green-house like environment where families, singles, retired, teens, and children can worship God and serve others.

5. Equip the saints – Our goal is to train and mentor people through team soulwinning, Bible institute, evangelism classes, Discipleship training classes, ministry involvement training, and by finding their spiritual gift and implement it in the body of Christ.

6. Establish Churches – Greater Philadelphia Baptist Church is a “church-planting” church. God has commanded us to reproduce and we will do so by cultivating and encouraging a heart for church planting in the church family. Our desire is to see literally dozens of churches planted over the next five decades from Greater Philadelphia Baptist Church.

7. Exalt the Lord – Our ultimate end is that every aspect of the church family, church staff, outreaches, events, purpose statement, establishment of churches  would be all for the glory of God.